Though injection is one of the basic of medical procedures, still it requires proper attention and well experienced and trained hands. People find it difficult in taking the trip to a doctor due to various reasons including  old age, injury, ill health or time limit. For such people getting the required injections at the comfort of their home is a big advantage. Karunya Med Services provides best quality nursing services at your doorstep for a comfortable and hassle – free injection service. The "Ten Rights of Medication Administration" are the right, or correct:
  1. Medication
  2. Dose
  3. Time or frequency
  4. Patient
  5. Route
  6. Client education
  7. Documentation
  8. Right to refuse
  9. Assessment and
  10. Evaluation
In addition to this, nurses must also ensure medication safety in respect to the storage of medications, the checking for expiry dates, patient allergies etc..

BENEFITS OF home based injection service includes:

1. Save Your Time. Saving of your valuable time and energy is one of the most benefits of getting injection service at home. Once can avoid travel to doctors or clinics, thereby saving time, cost. With this regard, Karunya Med Services offer injection service at home. 2. Easy & Hassle-Free Experience: Getting injections sometimes become a difficult task for elderly and injured patients.Home based injection services are highly beneficial to such peopleInjection phobia, the fear of getting injection can be overcome by home based injection services as they are with their loved ones while administering injection. 3. Proper Injection Management for Kids: It is the babies and young kids, who need regular vaccinations to protect them from varied diseases. Administering injection to babies is quite challenging due to the phobia and pain attached to it. Home injection nurse service provided byKarunya Med Servicesis quite beneficial for both the child and the parent in such cases.