About Us

Who We Are ?

Karunya Med Services is one of the leading Home based medical services and medical equipment rental and sales company in the healthcare industry. Karunya Med service has served many healthcare facilities and individuals with rental, sales and healthcare service solutions. We make medical equipment available with simple processes and dedicated service. We’re a team of specialists committed to enhance people’s healthcare experience by providing exceptional clinical services, which include complex nursing care, including IV injection, Medication administration, Catheterisation, Wound dressing, Physiotherapy, intravenous antibiotics and laboratory services. Home healthcare is rapidly becoming a much more readily used option for shifting care out of hospital. Karunya Med Services can provide you or your loved one with home care or live-in care services that aim to support, empower and reassure. In addition, we also supply nurses and healthcare professionals. We provide an affordable and caring solution for those that need additional help at home for the companionship of those that find difficulty with their daily activities, which may be due to illness, mobility, disability. If you are facing an extended period of treatment, you may be able to receive yours out-of-hospital wherever you are at home, at work, in the community.

At Karunya Med, we believe dignity and respect as the most valuable commodities in the world. There is no higher praise for us than the smile of a happy patient, the thanks of a relieved client, or the revitalized embrace of an engaged resident. We've been there. We understand. Everything we do is driven by our mission to enhance the lives of aging adults and their families. We provide complete medical support for the aged & bedridden patients. Our greatest asset is our people, Karunya Med Services constantly invests in personnel and professional development to meet the high-quality standards our customers have come to know and expect.

Our Mission

Karunya Med Services exist for the purpose of providing home based medical services and medical equipment available to every needy individuals. Our core values of medical ethics, dedication, accessibility, loyalty and expertise ensures each customer receive the best services.

Our Vision

To become the standard for excellence in the industry we serve and to pave the way for a social service oriented organization.

Our Staff

All of our employees are part of an ongoing training program. Our staff including home nurses, technicians trained in various home nursing services including catheterization, IV Injection, wound care, physiotherapy, counseling, speech therapy etc..We also have a dedicated trained team of technicians for installation of medical equipments at your doorstep.

Why to Consider Karunya Med Services?

We provide home based medical services on 24x7 basis, hence patients can rely us at anytime. Our mission is to provide quality service at the right time without any inconvenience to the patient. We maintain a wide range of best quality medical equipments and medical supplies, thus facilitating us to deliver the required product or services within a short duration of time. Through our home based Nursing services and equipment sales and rental program, for Senior citizens and bedridden patients, We bestow the love they deserve. You can’t be always there, but we can. Let’s enrich the lives of seniors with kindness and joy. We offer an individualized approach to keep your loved ones safe and sound at in your place. We provide solution for families that need an extra level of care.


Mohammed Basheer

I had ACL and PCL reconstruction surgery few weeks back. Through Karunya Med Dr. Amar Prakash was appointed as a phsyiotherapist for me, since he started his treatment, I have seen a very good improvement in my knee movements. All thanks to Karunya Med and Dr. Amar for such a good treatment and friendly nature;he is really good at his work.

John Crasta

Team is very punctual,When I give them a call, and instantly they attend the patient,they come to hospital to see the patient and decide what all to be arranged at home before discharge.I found the team of KARUNYA MED is thoroughly professional. They not only know their job very well but also have a very gentle way of dealing with the patients.

Praveen Kumar

'In the hospital you are just one of the patients. At home, you have personalized care, The nurses and doctors have only come to see me. We really appreciate Karunya's HomeCare's effort and help.Delivered Patient care consumables at right time and best price comparing to open market. Thank You Karunya Med Services.

Anitha Uday Poojary

My Husband had a serious Stroke when I sought Karunya’s support, And they provided hospital cot n bed for rental,and supported with best physiotherapist, Thanks a lot to Dr. Amar prakash and Karunya for their prompt service. Keep up the good work.

Arun Kamath

My father has asthma and needed a regular family doctor service at home, Karunya Med has helped him a lot with their in-home doctor service,and we have rented Oxygen Concentrator for low price in city for monthly basis. Thank You Karunya Med.

Thara Joseph

I have rented and then purchased air mattress from Karunya Med and paid good competitive pricing. I have been using Karunya's home lab services as well for quite some time and am very happy with their service. Highly recommend Karunya Med.

Sanod Mathew

I ordered a wheel chair with Karunya Med for my dad, They delivred the best quality product at doorstep on the said time. Thank you team Karunya.

Sweety Attavar

Thanks for providing a good physiotherapist for the early recovery of my mother. I believe that he is the best physiotherapist who is very friendly, and easily tackles a sick patient by cherishing on doing the session. I highly recommend Karunya Med Services for providing physiotherapy to anyone who are in need.